Training Database - Mouse Quick Reference

The following mouse operations are useful when editing or working with information in the database. The best way to be sure of their function is to try them out with the test data. These are standard mouse operations and work with most MS Access applications.

Mouse Operations for use with Clavis Database
Find out what a button does Let the mouse hover for a second or two over most of the fields and buttons. A 'tooltip' will appear telling you what the field or button is for.
Move from field to field Click once with the left mouse button on the part of the form you wish to change. The cursor will appear there as a flashing line
Part of the Form is out of view Use the scroll bars to move the view over parts of the form, or make sure that the form is maximised.
Right-click on a field This will bring up a standard short-cut menu. Try the filters as they allow you to restrict the range of records on display. (Remember to remove the filter when finished!) Try sort ascending or descending to change the sort order as you find convenient
Stepping through records In any form or subform, you can step forward or backwards through the list of records in that form using small left and right arrow buttons. The arrow with the star added will add a new blank record for you.
Jumping from first to last record At the bottom of the form, the arrows with the lines added to them move to the first or last record. The numbers displayed will tell you which record you are looking at, and how many records there are all together
Check Boxes To change a check box (or sometimes called a tick box) from ticked to unticked or vice-versa, click on it once with the left mouse button
Selecting Text Click and drag with the mouse until the text you are interested in goes blue
Select Entire Record Click once on the vertical bar with the right-arrow (called the record selector). This bar is on the left of the record. Note that where lots of records are displayed one above the record selector will not be a vertical bar, but a small square instead. The record selector will go dark grey when the record is selected
Copy, Cut, Paste and Delete Having selected some text, or a record, you can copy it by right clicking and selecting the appropriate menu option. Once you have cut or copied some text, you can move to a new location paste it in. You can paste entire records in this way. To delete a record, select it and press the delete key on the keyboard - but be careful: see below
Inserting a new record Click once with the left mouse button on the arrow with the the star (near the bottom of the form) to add a new blank record.
Deleting a record Select the record by clicking once on the record selector (vertical bar or square on the left of the record, with a black arrow pointing to the right). Then press the delete key. Read the message box which appears! If you click yes the deletion is irreversible. Note that related records will be deleted elsewhere. What does this mean? For example, if you delete a trainee named Bert Smith, all of the training records for Bert will be removed from the database. This is one good reason for you to take regular backups of the data in your database.
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