Software Downloads

Mult v1.2

This tiny little program is a very effective means of improving anyone's mental multiplication skills. It asks one little question per boot. You control the difficulty level, from single digit numbers up to two digit numbers.

Arithmetic Practice v2.0

A little bit more functional than 'Mult', Arithmetic Practice allows you to answer more than one question at a time, or to have questions asked in random order. Responses are timed and a score is awarded depending on how quickly you answer! You can also save your session and reload it later. More information and download Arithmetic Practice.

Decay v1.0

A very crude yet functional simulation of radioactive decay. This program will not win any prizes for its user interface, but is very helpful in the teaching of radioactive decay and half-life. It generates radioactivity data in an external text file which can then be opened in a spreadsheet. Essential that you read the 'readme.txt' file before using this program. Version 2 is planned which will include a proper user interface and graphing facility. More information and download Decay program.

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