Open Source

Software and resources available via the GNU General Public Licence, coded in ANSI C++. Resources here may be of use to developers, educators or students.

Summary of the GNU General Public Licence

In essence, this licence provides you with the right to use, modify and redistribute software to others. You can even charge a fee for providing this distribution service. The licence requires that you extend this right to any recipient (you can only distribute under GNU GPL v2 or later) of the materials and that you clearly document any changes you have made to the materials. If you do wish to redistribute the materials, you must also make all source code available in a machine readable form.

If you use or download any GNU GPL software, then you do so subject to the terms of the GNU General Public Licence.

Probability Distribution

Coded in ANSI C++, the Probability Distribution namespace is intended to provide basic facilities for discrete probability density functions. An interface is provided via an abstract base class, along with three subclassed distributions (uniform discrete, Binomial and Poisson). The base class interface will allow easy addition of additional distributions, should they be desired.

Go to the Probability Distribution homepage.

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